Just Keep Swimming…The cliché that keeps swimming upstream…

Well that is easier said than done. When I’m on the brink of extinction then and only then, will I give up! But, hey let’s face it; it sucks climbing up out of the pit time after time. 

I really question things sometime…what are the odds that Joseph survived that pit, being thrown in–no food, no water, sold to Egyptians, enslaved with the other Hebrews, faced imprisonment because Potiphar was a sex crazed, lying female pedophile. Then was released on his ability to interpret dreams (that’s some gullible King) and he never pissed him off? What? Divine intervention or luck? I’m going with Divine intervention–without a doubt. No one has that kind of luck, number one and two…let’s just say; there’s absolutely no other way plausible, during that time anyone would be lucky enough to skate through history that unscathed….period…oh yes! And then, at that time (39 years old roughly) being the overseer of Egypt, to be reunited with his brothers, meet his younger brother, Benjamin–the new crown jewel of the family and possess no negative hatred toward his own kin? I don’t know….hmmm….At 41 he was finally reunited with his family again.





Damn….I though I had it hard! Really? okay, okay….If good ole Joe can do it, than I know I can! Times have definitely changed but, let’s just face it…we are all too big a bunch of pansies to ever be able to handle that stuff! First of all, being the favorite kid doesn’t seem too bad…although, if you think about it–kind of similar to today–we put so much pressure on our children to be successful, to be well rounded, to be, quite frankly “basic” in every way…can you imagine being blanketly targeted with a coat of many colors??? Wow…now, that’s food for thought.

So, at the end of the day…I must weigh Joseph’s trials with today’s circumstances. While Joseph’s situation was vastly different in 1765 BC than today, many things are parallel. Number one, sometimes striving to do the best you can do, be as perfect as we can, and accepting life’s accolades doesn’t propel us like we thought it would. It can make us an inadvertent target to negative things like bullying, anxiety, depression, drug abuse and other self inflicted addictions.

Eye catching!

So, while I may panic at the thought of failing, I know that I can fail and be okay, I know that I do need to keep swimming but, at the end of the day, I also realize there is negative shit in the world but; I can choose to live and wallow in it or I can seek help, support and keep that small voice instilled in my heart that tells me: “I am fearfully and wonderfully made”…This I cherish, this I keep near to my heart- ALWAYS.