On the Upside…

Who? Little ole’ me?

Yes, little ole me…a lot of times; I become overwhelmed, feel like I am over emotional, cry for no good reason (or so that’s what certain people of an old school thinking tell me anyway) over eat, drink too much, find my pleasure in sleeping too much and/or complaining (ie., venting)…

Is this such a bad thing? No. It is not a bad thing. It is a normal thing. Every human being goes through a natural grieving process regardless of what it is in regards to: death, divorce, a monumental change in every day living, hurt by a friend, loss of a job and/or just a plain ole moment of recollection.

In certain generations it was and still is, shaming to cry, to feel your feelings, to recognize that; let’s just face it: life sucks…but what I’m going to reiterate until I die is this: God gave us feelings to feel, for a reason. That ball at the back of your throat is there for a reason, that feeling of guilt is there for a reason, that teary eyed feeling that starts to overcome you when you see a puppy welcoming a long lost soldier home, happens for a reason. The human body was meant to feel, to connect actions in human life with a heart felt sense of thinking. Of being consciously aware of your surroundings, your society, the world around you. Sympathy, empathy, happiness, sadness, guilt, anticipation….they’re all there for a reason….to help us be better human beings. When we can identify with all of those feelings, with the spectrum of true emotion….we can start being real with ourselves…in good and bad times, in tough times and in those moments when life is just too good for us to ever have surmise that this split second in life is too good to be true! That is life! Live it! Absorb it! Enjoy it!

Take your emotions to heart, live them, feel them, most of all recognize them! You are at the bottom or top of a hill, right where you were meant to be. It will change just as quickly as the seconds go by. The important thing is to know that it will be rapid change, at least, in the grand scheme of life.

On the upside, you are human. This is a blessing!

The grass is always greener on the other side.