In the Event You Don’t Get it…


What the hell do you mean, you don’t get it? It’s Monday A-L-R-E-A-D-Y. It’s been a long weekend.  And I realize; I don’t recall the last time I’ve had a relaxing weekend: that translates to: I don’t remember the last time I was able to sleep in , stay in my pajamas and actually enjoy my cup of Joe and maybe even go for cup number two-drinking it while it’s still actually hot and then get my stuff done around the house (aka, chores like laundry, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping the floors….all while donning my red and pink polka dot pajama pants, my long sleeve waffle t-shirt and my white and pink fuzzy socks).  Oh and, lest I dare say that listening to music all while whipping up a warm breakfast (yes, while still donning my polka dot pajamas lol) is something I value greatly- as does my fiance who rarely gets anything more than a cup of coffee by the bedside as I prance out the door to run errands, take care of the dogs, the family stuff and then literally race home to grab him and go on to a friend’s house for some penciled in gathering, every. single. weekend. Ughhhhh….  

Okay, so, not that you care but, those are the things that I look forward to on the occasional weekend that I don’t have anything going on.  It’s not the impending deposit of my paycheck (although, that is of course, a benefit.) I think it is knowing that I can completely relax and take solace in the two days I have to thoroughly enjoy doing what I want on my schedule and at my own pace. I can wake up without an alarm, I can indulge in a second cup of coffee (sometimes a third) without hastily pouring the rest of my barely warm java into a to-go cup on the way out of the house. Ahhhh….the weekend.

Oh Me Oh My…..My name is written all over this!

Of course, I say that word “weekend” and I, do, generally look forward to it but, as of late I cannot seem to slow down or make it a point to just say no to my peeps who seem to come out of the word work on the weekend. Maybe there is something to be learned here. Maybe it truly is letting go of feeling like I am held accountable to everyone else’s standard…the standard that somewhere, in some invisible rule book says that if you say “no” to a friend’s get together or a call to duty for a ladies night out, that you are breaking the friendship rule. Listen up peeps, here is my final thought and I say that with complete and total confidence: I need to learn to say no. I need to follow through. I will tell you no. And I will not feel guilty! I need to recognize that if I say no; I am not a bad friend. It is okay to have a weekend of quiet. It is okay to have “me time”. I am a grown adult dammit. That is okay. Enough said.